Pueblo Streets

I remember when I first came to Our Pueblo how confused I would get when I went for a walk.

The streets didn’t make any sense.

  • They didn’t have any apparent order or system.
  • There are not too many street signs.
  • I lost count of the number of times I ended up far away from where I was headed.

It took me quite a few l-o-o-o-ng trips around the Pueblo before I clicked into the way to not get lost.

The Streets of Our Pueblo

Instead of walking with a pre-decided idea of where the streets should go, I had to learn that they go exactly where they want to – just like they have for the past thousand years.

Once I relaxed into that I started to enjoy each street for itself.

Each corner has its own little surprises, and every time I go out I discover something new on a road I have walked often.

It might be a funnily shaped stone in a stone house

an old door in an even older arched doorway

a wall that has stood there for over 300 years.

As the weeks went by and I just kept walking, I got better at finding my way around.

Yesterday as I was walking I realised that everything around me was – well, familiar.

The streets I pass through are not a strange place to me any longer.

The PS:

I can’t force my way on the ways of God. His ways are tried and tested, and though they may seem to take a different course than that which I would choose, if I follow Him I will arrive safely and at peace.

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