Market Days

Wednesday and Saturday in our Pueblo are Market Days. By 10.00 the Plaça Major – the Main Plaza – is buzzing. Stalls are set up and wares are displayed. You never know who will turn up and what will be on offer.

Pueblo PS‘s are snippets about everyday life in our Spanish mountain pueblo, with a brief Faith Thought.

A few of the merchants are standard regulars, most notably those selling fresh vegetables.
– Shiny red peppers defying the colour charts in their brilliance.
– Carrots with traces of earth still clinging to their non-supermarket-specified shapes.
– Baby spinach, fresh-picked and damp from the morning dew.
– All jostling for space with tiny white mushrooms and varnished purple aubergines.

Other market merchants appear at random intervals to present their ranges of clothes, pottery, kitchen appliances and whatever else they may have stashed away in their Aladdinesque mobile caves.

Mostly the clothes are made-in-some-distant-country-cheapos, but occasionally there is a nice offer for seasonal things such as warm pajamas or baseball caps. These will only last the season, but a bit of haggling brings the price to a point that makes it a worthwhile – albeit throwaway – investment.

The PS:

º There is a time and a place for the simple things.
º Appreciate the beauty of creation and the goodness of the food He provides.
º Be open to new ideas, but examine them for quality and endurance.

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