Letters from Galilee 05

Letter 5

Dear Sara

I can understand how you feel about Mary. I told Mother I could see you in her place. Not in the same situation, of course. You might be more than old enough to know about such things, but I don’t think you have any idea of the ripples that follow on.

Joseph is still in turmoil, still can’t make up his mind what to do. If that was Joel, I’d make very sure he made up his mind! But then, you wouldn’t be in that state in the first place. You’d have me to deal with, never mind the neighbours.

It has been decided among the aunties and the extended family that Mary had better go up-country to visit with her cousin Elisabeth who lives close to Jerusalem.

I am beginning to think this is a decidedly strange family. Here’s Mary pregnant by an unknown; and this cousin – who’s apparently ancient (sorry, chronologically advanced), and way past the age of childbearing, is also pregnant.

A-n-d . . the husband was serving his special time in the temple and came out unable to speak. They say he saw an angel. Another one? What is it with this family and angels?

I picked that up from the gossip, courtesy of the ladies’ morning chatter session outside my window. Don’t tell Mother, she’ll say gossip is not a desirable element. Maybe not, but it’s a great source of information.

I’m leaving here in two days time, and Mary will be with the same camel train. The innkeeper says he will pay for her trip – probably out of what they’ve charged me in the past weeks.

Anyway, if I get a chance on the trip I will tell Mary that you have sent kind wishes.

Love to mother, and say hello to Joel for me. I will write to him from Jerusalem.

Big hug
Big Brother Benjamin

Dear Mother

Yes I’m home and settled again. The rooms were well kept in my absence, and my neighbours faithfully fed all three cats.

Not home for long though. I have a new assignment. And this time it’s REAL news. I am going to the Court of Herod. That’s right, into the lair of the bear. Don’t worry, I’ll be quite safe.

Here’s a quote from the assessment of my articles on Nazareth. You can add it to your file. (I know you’ve got one tucked away!)

“.. . the reporter shows an empathy with the people at ground level. He brings out the simplicity of the rural lifestyle, and highlights the human side of a story.”

How’s that!!

Do you think Father would like to read the whole assessment?

Give him my greeting
Love to you
Your son

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