David and Goliaths

David and Goliaths in the Windmills

– a windmill parable. Surrounded by technology? Overwhelmed by size and brash modernity? Feeling out of focus? º Change. º Alter. º Redirect. º How David overshadows the Goliaths . .

High in a mountainous area, we enjoy fresh winds in summer and freezing ones in winter.

Planted here to capture these winds is a panorama of modern windmills. Praised for their energy saving or decried as a scar on the countryside, they appeal to the artistic as they change with the moments, a constant visual delight.


Fascinated with their complexity of simplicity, I have not fully captured what I see in them yet.

One stark contrast that grips me is the simple statement made by an old-fashioned borehole windmill dwarfed amongst these giants of technology.

A little rusty, a tad rickety, still steadily pumping water up from a deep hidden reserve, he stands his ground as a David among the Goliaths.

In truth he is a fraction of their size. But it all depends on the perspective, and from the right stand David overshadows these Goliaths.
I like to think that we can be like this. Surrounded by technology, sometime overwhelmed by size and brash modernity, we can stand strong in a simple structure.

We may feel a bit rusty, and certainly we have times when we feel rickety, but beyond our weaknesses we can reach down into the living waters that have never failed.

º The basics of the Word remain fixed and fast forever.
º The big picture depends on perspective and focus.
º Change that focus, alter the perspective, look up.
º The David of the Word overshadows the Goliaths of life.

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