How can we begin to define humour when we can’t even agree on how to spell it?

It’s personal, cultural, conditional, situational – choose your adjective. A play on words, a visual sketch, discreet or bawdy, the options are endless. But we all recognise the irrepressible grin that leaps out when the humour hits home.

This collection of fun articles includes blog extracts shared with animal-loving friends, drama skits played out in church, odd quotes scribbled down, verses appropriated and sadly mangled for my own enjoyment, and such like.

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Some of these below lead off-site – still my work, but scattered.

I hope your cheek muscles have a twinge of exercise in the reading.

Culture-Specific Humour

In this case, the horse culture. I am a breeder of Spanish Horses, and have a wide circle of friends who ‘talk the same language.’

This blog entry was written after I visited the UK for one of the big PRE horse shows there.

2008 at BAPSH


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